Awards and Awardees

Current Recipient

Jackie Jensen from Brookings School District
2022 Excellence in School Nursing Award recipient.

As the recipient of this award, Jackie may choses to attend the NASN annual conference when he/she is recognized, SDSNA will pay the conference registration fee.  If the selected nurse does not attend the NASN conference that year, the SDSNA will waive the registration fee for the next SDSNA conference.   
Here are a few things that were said about Jackie during her nomination:
Mrs. Jackie Jensen is the prototype and model of school nursing excellence.  My years of observation and articulation with school nurses is lengthy,she is absolutely the very best example of science and compassion jointly creating a safe, secure and positive school atmosphere.
Mrs. Jensen has implemented several programs for our staff and students both reactive and proactive.  These include imaginative methods of meeting annual mandates in CPR and first aid -associated necessities,to adolescent sexual education.   The pandemic has created opportunity,and Mrs. Jensen has utilized this opportunity to install and insist upon hygienic nuance that will be a legacy of protocols for our future. (Dr. Kevin Lein)
lnstructionally  and professionally, Mrs. Jensen requests and leads in school de cis ion-making.  Her reports and individual influence for students and staff is thorough and detailed.  Education in regard to Covid,lice, nutrition, special needs and co-work with our popular wellness program are just a few of the "extras" Mrs. Jensen views as non-negotiable. She applies herself selflessly to any task and always goes the extra mile.
Jackie has a very strong, quiet presence of offering information more than opinion.  In this time of Covid, her approach has been invaluable.  She refers to policy and past experience, not opinion  and emotion. I am so fortunate to have her as my peer.  I depend on her.  My selfish request of her is that she does not change jobs before I retire!! (Connie Harstad, RN)
Jackie has conquered many hurdles working in the Brookings School Disrict mainly to keep the students safe. Such as in services for CPR, EpiPen, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma and other severe illness that students may have.  Not only health conditions was her duties but meeting with administration  for higher pay, nurses in every building, and educating staff the need for nurses to educate them on student Health. A huge accomplishment was to convince administration nurses needed to be in every building. This was passed by administration to start out with a nurse in the building  for five hours a day and within a year it went to seven hours per day. (Lexi Seeley, School Counselor) ( photos in slide show on this page.)

Past Award Recipients

Kendra Earl

2021 Excellence in School Nursing Award recipient.

Cindy Begley

2020 Excellence in School Nursing Award recipient.

Cindy Begley, from Stevens High School in Rapid City, South Dakota, has won the Excellence in School Nursing Award and named South Dakota School Nurse of Excellence! Cindy is not only a super-hero school nurse, whose occupation is her vocation, but she also serves an active member and leader within the Nurses Association. At Stevens High, Cindy models every day, that if your job is your calling, your efforts are never fruitless. Cindy will receive the award and be honored at the National Nurse’s convention later this Spring. Cindy, we thank you for your genuine care, putting students first, and for all you do to make Stevens High School a better community. Congratulations! (photos in slideshow on this page)

Carrie Clarke

2019 School Nurse of Excellence Award recipient from Sioux Falls (photo below).

Marie Huether

2016-17 School Nurse of Excellence Award recipient from Bennett County.

Julie Hanson

2011 School Nurse of the Year recipient (photo below).

Randi Oviett

2010 School Nurse of the Year recipient (photos below).

Julie Standen

2009 School Nurse of the Year recipient from Hot Springs (photos below).