Awards and Awardees

Current Award Recipient

Carrie Clarke

2019 Excellence in School Nursing Award recipient.

The South Dakota School Nurse Association (SDSNA) is pleased to announce the recipient of the Excellence in School Nursing Award has been awarded to Carrie Clarke of Sioux Falls.  For her prize, Carrie will get to chose to have her national or state school nurse conference registration paid for this year. She will be recognized at the national level as the SDSNA recipient. She was presented the award on January 24, 2020 by her supervisor.  Carrie shared the following information after she learned about the award. (photo in slideshow on this page)

Carrie has been a school nurse for 20 years. She has worked at almost every level possible. She has years of experience in early childhood evaluations, and has worked at the elementary, middle, and high school level. She has also worked at an alternative school. She has functioned in 7 different schools and this includes a school which had a School Based Health Clinic. She is moldable and adaptable. She has been a member of SDSNA for a majority of her school nursing years and has been actively involved for 9-10 years. She realized quickly after being a member that in order to make change happen, one must be a leader. She has been President Elect, President, and Membership Chair. Carrie knows that it is important to give back to the community on a personal level as well as on an organizational level. While president, she started the tradition of the president choosing an organization that he/she would like SDSNA to donate to.

Past Award Recipients

Marie Huether

2016-17 School Nurse of Excellence Award recipient from Bennett County.

Julie Hanson

2011 School Nurse of the Year recipient (photo below).

Randi Oviett

2010 School Nurse of the Year recipient (photos below).

Julie Standen

2009 School Nurse of the Year recipient from Hot Springs (photos below).